The Last of the Horse Watchers

Anthology, Competitions, Leicester, Short Stories

My short story The Last of the Horse Watchers has been longlisted in the Leicester Writes 2019 Short Story Prize. The longlist of twenty titles was chosen from over 150 entries. Congratulations to the winners, shortlisted authors and my fellow longlistees. All stories will be published later in the year in the 2019 prize anthology.

“I take an encyclopaedia from the bookcase in the hall, sit on the stairs and watch Alice’s silhouette through the frosted glass, casting occasional nervous glances over my shoulder. I find the entry I am looking for. I know nothing of horses, apart from what my wife has told me, and I sit there, while Alice screams at the film and giggles, reciting the parts of the horse over in my head. Pastern, coronet, fetlock. Gaskin, withers, forelock. Would it temper Alice’s romantic view of them to read the first sentence of the encyclopaedia entry: ‘The horse is an odd-toed ungulate mammal.'”

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